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Will the U pan be used after entering the water?

I put my U in my clothes pocket and forgot to wash it and wash it with washing machine.


Dude, what a coincidence, I was SANDISK, 8G, a few days ago is Monday to go to the interview, flash made a resume to U dribbling in my pocket, and a back, but I should have to hand washing, leaching time is short, it can use, but no special test now, although nothing, but things are certainly not soaking and corrosion inside the durable, do not know the future, but important things can not be saved
Just dry it. But you can't use the hair dryer. Plug in the computer because it should not be damaged. (I've done it, too. Nothing's wrong.)
U dishes and clothes soaked in laundry water for a whole morning, Unbit, I do not know if it can be used? When the U disk enters the water, the treatment method and precautions are as follows: first of all, do not rush to use, if the internal immersion
U disk water, can you use it?In general, U will not damage the disc after water, because the first U disk, although not sealed, but a short time in contact with the water, will not necessarily make the internal second, even if soaked completely; completely soaked, when device and PCB will not be damaged. When the U disk after water, treatment methods and precautions should be as follows: ensure the U disk thoroughly dry, no moisture can even machine. Secondly, if the water is placed in ventilated environment, natural drying, about two days or so. If you can open the shell to almost completely dry is better. Do not use hair dryer or exposure to, it will bring two harm that is a possible U disk shell deformation; two is to have an adverse effect on the circuit part. If it is liquid detergent or other liquid may cause corrosion of electronic devices to use anhydrous alcohol soaking, drying again. But there will be some immersion Danger!Be careful:Must be done before you can even connect to the computer! Do not rush to use, and if the internal immersion, the direct power is likely to cause U disk itself burned devices, and even computer USB interface damage
See what U disk, and some U disk is waterproof. Not waterproof. Take it out and put it in the fridge for about 1 weeks and 2 weeks. Don't use the blower. Don't use the sun. Will damage the U disk

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