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Without starting a fire, how can I unfreeze kitchen sink pipes?

Once a winter at least we forget to leave the water dripping in the kitchen and the pipes leading to the kitchen sink from the unheated garage freeze. My husband goes into the garage on a ladder and with a long outdoor extension cord he reaches his arm up into the dripping fiberous insulation and uses a hair dryer on the pipes. He did this last night and the water started to run but then quickly turned to a drip again even tho on full-blast. I am concerned he will eventually catch the house on fire as insulation is flammable I would think? Any plumbers out there with good advice? The heat tape I believe would be contraindicated given the location. We do have the kitchen sink doors open but that is not enough heat. I am taking all the dishes to the basement to wash them under the new laundry tub meanwhile! Any helpful info appreciated!


Yes, in general resin is stronger then plastic, but sometimes it's labeled the same thing. If the band is called resin then I would bet that it's just their fancier name for plastic or vinyl. There's different kinds of plastic there's different kinds of resins, so it's hard to tell. But generally, yes, resin is stronger then plastic.
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