working real estate?

i am looking into becoming an agent, i have my license but have not sold a home yet.. i am really hurting with money, i am working a full time job at night and currently supporting 3 kids and my wife. is it worth it to put all my extra time in starting my real estate career and suffer with the gas going up or is real estate so bad now and am i just wasting my time?


Well not probably isn't a good time to be starting out in this business. I would consider another line of work to support my family. Startig your own business whether it is in real estate of any other business, it takes time, money, discipline and constant prospecting for new customers. Unless you have wealth, or have saved several years worth of income, it makes it nearly impossible to start a new business.
Times are very hard right now in real estate. Depending on your area, it could be months before you get any sales as a new agent. Research a few areas around you, and see where homes are still selling and concentrate on that area. You will have expenses such as newspaper ads, flyers, etc. to help get your name out there... or do alot of calling of friends, family and acquaintances. It might not be the best time to be getting into real estate, but it really depends on the area. Good luck!

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