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Would You Support Fundraising for a new Marsh Fork Elementary School?

The students at Marsh Fork Elementary School, located near Naomo, West Virgina, go home sick 15 at a time sometimes. They families have petition the governor to sign legislation to build a new school. He refused. Worse, protestors were dragged on the ground and arrested.The problem is that MFE is located downstream from an active coal mine. The dust settles on the playground when the load the silo.


I'm a Mountaineer, too, and an environmentalist - active in the WV Collegiate Environmental Network, the WV Highlands Conservancy, and the Concord University Eco Club. It is truly a tragedy what they have done at Marsh Fork with the coal silo, and mountaintop removal in general. I would support it, or any action in favor of a new school. What a horrible tragedy. God Bless WV!
I even have grandchildren interior the comparable college and that i purchase from them. i do unlike those fund raisers using fact i've got confidence they are taking great factor regarding the undeniable fact that maximum grandparents and oldsters discover it no longer undemanding to assert no regardless of in the event that they might't have the money for it. i'd quite provide a small donation directly to the college, yet they tie those fund raisers in with prizes to the little ones who sell the main and of path my grandkids prefer to win a prize. I additionally resent the undeniable fact that for the reason that i won't have the money for to purchase from the different little ones i'm compelled to disappoint them while they arrive to my door.

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