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Angle valve outlet angle how to adjust?

Angle valve tightened, and some of the water outlet up, some down, in all directions, how to adjust the angle ah?


Angle valve outlet angle adjustment:Turn counterclockwise, turn clockwise, turn to turn off.Angle valve is also called triangle valve, angle valve, angle valve.
Jul 19, 2017
This is because the pipe in the corner valve 90 degrees corner shape, so called "angle valve", "angle valve", "angle valve".Angle valve body with water intake, water control, water outlet three mouth, so called triangle valve.
Jul 19, 2017
Of course, the angle valve is constantly improving, although it is still three mouth, but there is not angle shaped angle valve. Industrial said angle valve: angle control valve in addition to the valve at the right angle, and other structures and through the single seat control valve similar.
Jul 19, 2017

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