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Basin hot and cold water outlet what specifications, angle valve?

20 a household water, the angle valve connected to the two inner elbow cold water basin, will generally choose a corner valve? Do it yourself, huh?


Be sure to choose special angle valve, and angle valve and wall water outlet hot and cold water pipe fixed. If the angle valve and pipe distance, required to buy a special extension pipe connected to the water inlet pipe; if the water out of super length, will need to cut off a part of the.Angle valves are characterized by:1, the flow path is simple, the dead zone and the vortex zone are smaller, and with the help of the medium's own scour, it can effectively prevent the blockage of the medium, that is, better self-cleaning performance;
Jul 19, 2017
2, flow resistance is small, the flow coefficient is larger than single seat valve, equivalent to the flow coefficient of two seat valve;It is suitable for use in high viscosity, suspended solids and granular fluids, or in places requiring rectangular tubes. Its flow direction is generally bottom, side out.Under special circumstances, it can be reversed, that is, the flow side into the bottom.Triangle valve hot and cold two (to blue, red mark distinction), its material is the vast majority of manufacturers are the same, hot and cold signs, mainly to distinguish which is hot water, which is cold water.
Jul 19, 2017
15, that is, four points. Use a 20 turn 15 connector. 20 is what we often say that the six points. General basin valve interface 15 (4 points), the connection hose is 15. 20 hot and cold water pipe outlet of the faucet elbow is 20, but also is reducing elbow. There are also individual variable couplings for sale. It's a good buy.
Jul 19, 2017

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