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Best way to strengthen our cantilever chairs?

We have 4 kitchen, cantilever chairs that are getting weak (drooping when people sit in them) we want to figure out a way that we can keep them longer as they are no longer available, from the company, to be replaced.Personally, I would just like some new chairs but my husband really wants to save these. Is there really a way to do it without compromising the style of the chair?


Tell hubby that you are afraid someone is going to either sit on a chair and fall out or it will break when they sit in it and they will sue you for not changing the chairs when you noticed that they were beyond their useful life. If you don't mind being sued then perhaps you might at least be concerned about not harming visitors. With respect to repairing them it is a little difficult to tell at a distance as I don't know what you like about them. I could tell you to cut off the bases and put legs on them but this does not immediately sound like it would be acceptable.
Sep 30, 2017

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