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Cement board. recep, how can i make it myself?

i live in a country where houses are made with bricks..but i made my house just like in USA , but there is one only problem i need cement board to finish the bathroom , since we don't have cement board here for sale , and i can't afford import from USA , i was wondering that i can make it , i'm sure that i can make it , but i just need to know how to prepare de cement i would be appreciated if anyone help me thanks


Surely you must be able to purchase something equivalent? If Wonderboard is not available, how about Hardibacker? Or Cembonit?
May 11, 2017
I think you could trowel on a thin layer of mortar over a brick wall, and accomplish the same thing. I saw in a previous question you are going to attach tile, how do people attach tile where you live? Nobody can see underneath the tile, and you can give tile any look you would like. The tile itself provides the waterproofing.
May 11, 2017
cement board or backer board, despite its name, isnt a board with cement on it. as far as i know, its agregate cement with glass meh fibre on top of it. i would not make it yourself. since its meant to protect your bathroom from water damage, i wouldnt take the risk. do you have green board (waterproof drywall) that would be another option. this dosent really solve your problem, but a bettrer product to use instead (or as well as) backer board, would be ditra. you can sheet your bathroom in 3/4 plywood anywhere your going to tile, apply thinset, and lay down the ditra mats (following al instructions). then you can tile over it with thinset, and grout it and you have a very effective waterproofing system. its expensive, but it will last a lifetime and you will never have water problems. they make other products ditra products for walls, floor and even for walk in showers (curbs).
May 11, 2017
Back in the old days(I'm an old man) they used lathe and plaster. They also used lathe and cement. Lathe and plaster with a cement coating.
May 11, 2017

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