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Connecting crossover to sub?

I have BOSS Bass1500 with 25A fuse hooked onto 8GA 1000W 40A metra kit. Annoyed with low output I bought a 2 way subwoofer crossover SOUNDSTORM SX210. SOUNDSTORM SX210 kit requires a 3A fuse from the battery to crossover.What if I run a 10GA cable to power the crossover through my amplified subwoofer?Also, run the remote wire through the amplified subwoofer to crossover?Doesn't make sense laying 2 power cables running from the battery to 2 different things and 2 separate remote wires from the head unit.What do you guys think?


For the main power you can use a distribution block that splits the power two ways. just cut the main power wire (with the battery disconnected of course!) and connect them back up again via the d block. then run your 10GA wire from the d block to your crossover. Don't forget to put fuses in between the distribution block and the components though. A 25 amp fuse for the sub and a 3 amp fuse for the crossover. For the remote wire you can simply tap into the one already running to you sub. there are connectors for this that you can buy from any electrics store. Good luck. Ben.
Dec 7, 2017

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