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Do you have to use backerboard if mortaring thin stone to cement?

I have a porch that is currently covered in green turf carpet. I'd like to rip off the turf, clean the cement and mortar on small stone pavers. I will be placing the stones not only on the top, but the sides, and tread and risers of the stairs as well. Can I mortar directly onto the cement or should I use backer-board? If a backer-board is needed, how do I connect the backer-board onto the concrete? Will I need special screws?


Lemme give you some alternatives to using mortar for this project. By small stone pavers,, are these really not thick like regular bricks but more like tiles--maybe 1/2 or 1 inch thick? Then if it were me this is how iwould proceede. First get rid of the carpet. Then wire brush off the floor and steps etc to get all the loose stuff off. Then get some construction adhesive that works with bricks,,and a short bristle brush. Lay the adhesive down using a notched trowel and RUB adhesive into the bottom of the brick. When you lay them in they will really adhere well using this method. Cover it up and let it dry or 2 days. Then get some mortar mix and use it like grout.
May 11, 2017
You do not need backer board since it is concrete. Just clean the concrete good with a garage floor cleaner and rinse and let dry. Try to do this when the hot sun is not beating down on the concrete. Use thinset mortar and a notched trowel to put it on. Figure out what kind of pattern you are goint to lay-maybe just regular common end to end? Put thinset on an area about 3' x 3' and push your pavers down into it and wiggle them just a little - after you have set some take a 4' level and a rubber mallet - tap on top of level until all the pavers are setting about the same, then move level to next row repeat. If you have some thinset on and you want to stop or take a break - just scrape it of with putty knife and put back into your mortar bucket. Cover mortar bucket with lid or damp cloth when your not getting into it. Cut pavers with a 4-1/2 grinder with a diamond blade. Watch your bottom step- you may need to cut pavers on this step down or this step may be higher than all the others.
May 11, 2017
Use mortar.. If you do as Alverez states the grout will not adheire to the cont adv.. Grout needs a cement cased produst for proper bond.. Thinset is also washable when it s still wet.. const adv you ll need paint thinner or agent like it to remove..
May 11, 2017
No backer needed. I've seen professionals rock right over brick and concrete.
May 11, 2017

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