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How do I remove the triangle valve?

There is a triangular valve with water contact parts of the Water Leakage bathroom cabinet in my room, I would like to drop the re installed, but the triangular valve in the bathroom cabinet inside, put a hand to make nothing, what a good way to make it turn off? Or the tools that are specifically applicable? Thank you


First, turn off the water source, that is, turn off the main valve.The metal hose for the angle valve is dismounted in an anticlockwise manner. Use a special wrench to hold the angle of the angle valve and turn counterclockwise.
Jul 19, 2017
Demolition can not make too much effort, the general angle valve installation will not be very tight, unless there is rust dead situation.Installation angle valve thread wrapped 4-5 Teflon tape, clockwise from inside to outside and wrapped tightly, clockwise screwed into the inner pipe fittings, angle valve thread exposed 2-3 ring is installed.
Jul 19, 2017
No special tools?. I suggest you see if the bathroom cabinet is hung up, can you unload it?. If you hit the expansion screw, you can not get it down, just want to remove the angle valve, and then buy a pure copper, just go up, usually a few dollars are easy to rust, leakage of ten or twenty is better
Jul 19, 2017

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