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how to hold plasterboard on the ceiling?

how do you hold insulated plasterboard on the ceiling while you drill it?


you have about 3 choices..... rent a stand you put the bord on it then hand crank it to the cieling......or get some 1 to help you....or make a tool its just a couple of 2x4's nailed together to form a T make the long part of the T a little bit longer and just kick it in on a slight angle
May 11, 2017
Use a dead man set up if your alone, ie T formed wooden props ( you will need 2 of these) Or if you are not alone, use help, another possible way is the use of acros but i wouldnt recommend that due to the immense pressure that an acro can apply, also their weight would be a problem, as would the small face area supporting the plasterboard, also its better to fix plasterboard with zinked broad headed nails than screws( felt roofing nails would be ideal for this). hope thats helped you
May 11, 2017

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