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How to re-tile a bathroom floor currently set on cement board?

I currently have a cheap ceramic tile on my bathroom floor. It is set on cement board. I would like to replace it with a slate-like porcelain tile. Can I simply remove the ceramic tile or do I have to also tear out the cement board and replace it? How big of a project is this? I previously installed porcelain tile on a plywood floor over cement board and am wondering if the demolition creates a bigger problem.


You could lay over what is there if the ceramic isn't slick or shiny on top. Getting off the old may not be as hard as one would think. Then again it may be a bear, I'd smack one with a hammer and just see how hard it would be to get out. This would not create such a height gain in the long run. If it is a nightmare then I'd cement the broken tile you took outs spot and go over top what is there if possible. Getting the old cement board completely out I believe would be a chore but I may be wrong.
May 11, 2017
Yes you can reinstall on the cement board. Just be careful not to damage it when removing the old tile. If you do it is fairly easy to lay down a new layer of cement board. If you are capable of installing tile, then you are capable of putting in the cement board.
May 11, 2017

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