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Hydrogen and fuel cells help?

Im doing a project in science and i need to answer some questions on hydrogen fuel cells and i cant find the answers for themthe questions are-where it comes from?-is this a cost effective resource?-is it environmentally friendly?and thats allanswer if u know any of these plz!! thanks


1. Hydrogen comes from either from steam reforming natural gas (this is used most) or the electrolysis of water. 2. Steam reforming is far more cost effective than electrolysing water. 3. Steam reforming isn't too good because it uses methane which is a fossil fuel and water is only if you get a clean source of electricity
Jan 26, 2018
answering from the third one this fuel cell is not at all an eco friendly one as it involves the generation of air polluting gases like CO due to the burning of hydrocarbons in generating the H2gas secondly it is not at all a cost effective resource because of the cost of the electrodes and this rates it far costlier than the gasoline based energy resource as for the first answer i am not quite sure
Jan 26, 2018

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