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if a building is made from glass, can it flood?

and does a building have to be on the bottom of a slope to flood?how can i stop it from flooding if so,


A glass building can flood. It depends a lot on how it is constructed, on how it is put together and how walls are joined and more. A building does not have to be at the bottom of a slope to flood, but it helps. The last 'flood' we had was from the toilet backing up...
Apr 14, 2017
It doesn't matter where the building is, it can be flooded if water rises above the bottom floor or basement. If the water hits the glass hard enough, or if it carries debris with any appreciable mass, it will smash the glass and enter the building quite easily. If the "flooding" is merely a result of runoff, you can prevent it by diverting the runoff (ex: from a slope) around the building. If the runoff is significant, more than one diverter swale can be created on the slope, or a larger one can be created. Typically they're either made out of concrete, or at least lined with rip-rap (chunks of rock to prevent erosion).
Apr 14, 2017
Flooding waters have a lot of force and the force will flood a glass. Bags of sand stacked up several feet several feet away from the house will keep water away from the house.
Apr 14, 2017
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Apr 14, 2017

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