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Is plasterboard finish really any good?

We have recently had a fairly big extension and now a considerable amount of our walls are plasterboard. I had painted one room a couple of months ago and now some of the screws have popped through from the plasterboard. I am now at the point where I need to paint my hall but I am reluctant to do this if some of the plasterboard screws are going to show through again. Should I get the walls skim coated or if any of the screws were going to pop would they have done so by now. Also is it expensive to skim coat?P.S I did paint the bathroom ceiling and first coat the surface was fine, went to give it a second coat and one of the screws had 'popped' Am I doing something wrong with the paint?


sounds like the screws were not properly set or sealed to begin with- probley just poor workmanship. Just so ya know after the screws are put in they need to be sunk in a bit with some pressure - then sealed with mud or patch. I would guess your contractor did that already. ? and are you sure they used screws? i only ask cause sometimes nails are used and they pop causing the problems you mentioned- but the right screw is used it is uncommon that would happen. If you live in a moist area where there is high humidity - it is possible that the plasterboard has expanded a bit pushing the screws out- you can have the humidty levels checked - or you can probley feel if there is excess moisture in the room and maybe that can be cleared up with good ventilation. It is also possible they did not use a long enough screw, or the beam was not hit when it was screwed in- if thats the case then there probley is no remedy except basicly removing all the screws and repositioning them.
May 11, 2017

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