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is the voltage in battery packs cumulative?

I'm building a circuit and I have no idea how electronics work. I want it to be roughly a 9 volt circuit. can i use a whole bunch of 1.5 volt rechargable batteries in series to get up to 9v or do i have to use a 9v battery?


Either way you will have 9 Volts. But the determinant as to which you use is the current needed by your project. Rule of thumb here: If your circuit draws less than 50 mA, then a 9V battery will do okay. If your circuit draws more than that, you are better going with the individual cells. You need to think of each battery as a battery with a series resistor in it (the resistance is a byproduct of how the battery is made). The 9V battery has a larger series resistance than 6 cells in series, so that when you load it heavily, the voltage will go way down.
Jan 26, 2018
You can do either. If you crack open one of those blocky PP3 9V batteries you will actually find it contains six little 1.5V cells in series. You may find a set of six individual 1.5V cells gives you a longer life - a single PP3 9V battery might have a capacity of 400-550mAh (or as low as 120mAh for cheap rechargeables), while six 1.5V AA batteries may have a combined capacity of 2400-18000mAh. But on the downside, six AA batteries take up more space and cost more than a single PP3 battery.
Jan 26, 2018
Both work, but I would use a 9v battery.
Jan 26, 2018
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Jan 26, 2018

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