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Lighting sound engineering problems professionals please thank you

What are the conditions for lighting and sound engineering? I am now 20 years old now want to learn to adjust the tuning after the teacher himself put forward a special light lighting project.I went to ask a master he taught me 3 months can introduce me to KTV when the tuner.I can feel 20 The people of the nest where the hotel did not have the future to come to ask you how to carry out the development of the future?


Can find a master entry. First find a performing arts company to work, leisure time to run business Lanhuo, do not always do business technology, learn technology is the first entry into the circle to go, interpersonal relationships are familiar with, and know how to do, after the Their own dry, another way is to find a special installation of the audio installation company dry, run business, this is my personal advice, you can refer to the reference, said not necessarily think of themselves, but I feel that KTV is certainly not developed of!
May 9, 2017
It is not useful, hard to find a job, no future, I was doing the sound division is still worry about work now, song and dance troupe theater KTV nightclub bar hotel traveled, wages are also low every day but also stay through the night, Empty-handed. Like the demand for this type of work is less a big city a quarter to less than five people. Like a radio station radio concert you can say a few people, experience is rich, do not waste your youth like me to the last or empty-handed.
May 9, 2017
Technology is a rice bowl to see what you can hold the bowl to see how you develop your own
May 9, 2017
Down to the ground slowly, you only 20 is the time and opportunity. Learn tuning a simple day you can learn, tuning is also the need to accumulate their own experience and hearing.
May 9, 2017

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