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15 was mad good! now 16 is just boring [?

being 15 was awesome, i used to party every weekend, i had really out there friends, and used to do some really crazy stuff.i loved every bit of it,now that im 16 im am literally so bored, i havent been out in months and i spend my friday nights on yahoo answers and and msn!what happend to me, i feel like im to old for everything and most of my fun friends have moved away, no one has parties anymore, and even when they do, i never feel up for it and rather stay home anyway.i do really good in grades and i dont do anything overly stupidjust want to know what was 16 like for you, was 15 or 16 a better year for you.i guess i liked 15 because everything was new, .now its just all old /


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