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1976 Pontiac Trans Am - Ignition Problem key cylinder locked?

Here you all go, key cylinder is locked in the lock position, stearing is locked and cannot move manual shifter out of gear also (in reverse position). I have tried rocking the stearing wheel back and fourth, wiggling the key cylinder and even tried 2 different keys and nothing works. Battery fully charged, don't know what I should do next. Need help, take care brian


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The best thing you can do is install a monitored security system. Check prices and features for systems in your area. Make sure all doors and windows are monitored and you may want to invest in advanced features such as motion and/or video monitoring when you're not home. Make sure there are interior and exterior sirens so the neighbors know when something's gone wrong. Be sure the monitoring company will call the police/fire departments if the alarm is tripped and no one answers their call, and be sure they have the proper phone numbers to contact you.

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