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1993 ford ranger 2.3 115k wont start?

My little ranger is sick! The engine will crank but it won't start. I have good spark but the engine just wont turn over. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Ours was for a Queen. Although not for this pillow top, we get along fine with King sheet sets.
They make sheet sets for deep mattresses, sell them anywhere you get regular sheets.
purchase sheets in a individual kit. purchase the backside sheet interior the size that suits. purchase the right sheet interior the subsequent length up. frequently in case you purchase a greater efficient kind of sheets, the right sheet would be great adequate for the mattress, like Penney's. I even have the comparable subject yet with the quilts. we've a prevalent sized mattress, i purchase a queen cover, to make valuable it hangs down a great way adequate to conceal, and meet the mattress skirt.
Some phones have tracking devices in them so if yours did, you could try that. Also, try calling the number and track it from there. Or, call the number and see who answers. It sounds like someone went to a lot of trouble to get your phone and it sounds pretty nice/expensive so you probably won't be getting it back. Maybe go around to the Cingular stores in your area and ask if anyone has come in wanting a number change on a phone like yours, etc.
In those little direct mail catalogs (think Walter Drake) you get, you can usually find little extenders that look like old garter belt snaps. They are a piece of elastic with rubber hooks on either end. Put one end at the corner of the mattress and hook it to the sheet. Slide the elastic underneath the mattress and hook it to the sheet on the other side of the corner. It will hold smaller sheets on the bed. You can do the same with a piece of elastic and two big safety pins. One piece of elastic for each corner and pin the elastic to the sheet.. I'm not very good at describing this, but I hope you see what I mean. It really works.

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