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1998 Honda Civic Water Pump and Coolant?

Hi -- could someone please give me information on how much I should expect to pay for a water pump and to cleanse my coolant system (or something like that) or if it's something I really need to do. Or if I can get the water pump without the coolant system...My car is running fine, just started making kind of a rough running sound a few weeks ago when it's idling. ANY advice is greatly appreciated!


it sounds like to me you dont know what you need. Is your car running hot if not then you dont need a water pump. But if it is then you should do the timing belt at the same time since you need to take the water pump off to do that anyway. timing belts a good for about 100000 mile.
Right..the water pump doesn't sound like your problem. However, it would not hurt to get the cooling system totally flushed out and replaced with new fluid, if this has not been done in a long time. Might run you about...$75, just a guess. You also should really consider replacing the fuel filter, air filter, and spark plugs. This could really make a difference for you if they are old. Wouldn't cost you but $30 for all of those parts and maybe 45 minutes labor.
Like the answerers above me the Water Pump and Coolant wouldn't have anything to do with your car idling roughly. The cooling system's job is to maintain all internal engine components at a level, stable tempature.The water pump is resposible for keeping the flow of coolant throught the engine block If your car was was running low on coolant, or the water pump stopped working, the engine temperature would increase, increasing the risk of engine oil breakdown and blowing a head gasket. Rough Engine idling could be diagnosed simply as a throttle bottle cable that needs to be adjusted (adjust to increase or decrease engline idle) or a vacuum hose that is loose/leaking (rubber lines that run from the engine's intake). These would be the first things I would inspect and it is very simple.
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