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2 month old needs high chair?

Ok, My baby will be 2 months on the 2nd. Is it too early to buy her a high chair? if so, any suggestions for what brand? Thanks in advance!


I don't think you really need a high chair until she is starting solids which is not for at least another couple of months. However, there are booster type high chairs that strap to a chair and have a tray and everything just like a high chair. They're less expensive, take up less space, and are very portable. Some brands are designed for newborns and recline for that reason. I found mine at toys r us. The brand is Graco, I believe.
At 2 months old, I would say that is to early to put her in a high chair. She in not strong enough yet to fully support her neck and back. I would wait until she is about 4 or 5 months for the high chair.
I bought my son one of those chairs that attach to the regular chair. It reclines so I could strap my son in and lean him back. Sometimes I would just sit it up on the counter while I was in the kitchen. My son is now 23 months and he uses it everyday. I have it strapped onto the kitchen chair and I can easily pull it up to the table. It has it's own tray if you prefer to use that. The cover is plastic and wipes off easily. I liked it because it took up so much less room than a regular high chair and I could take it with me if I needed to. It is made by Fisher-Price and I got it at Wal-mart. It has really worked well for my son at every age and stage of his life so far!
She won't *need* a high chair until at least 5 months but if you want to buy one just to have on hand then go right ahead. Brands ultimately don't matter that much. They all have a tray and a seat! But some features you may pay attention to is the overall footprint (the space it takes up), the cleanability of the cover, and the ease of getting baby in and out.
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