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2000 Volkswagen Passat exhaust system?

What are the two mesh-looking parts by the headers of exhaust system, directly before the catalytic converters. I need to know if I can cover them with exhaust heat shield wrap. They are ripping away from the cats, and causing air leaks.The whole point of this procedure is experimental:The Passat clearly needs the cats replaced (i.e. entire exhaust system), and o2 sensor. I hope this will clear up the check engine light.Thanks:)


The mesh is there to keep the flex pipe from flexing too much. If the mesh is torn loose, heat shield wrap won't do you any good. The flex part of the pipe is already broken, hence the air leaks. That means exhaust gasses are leaking from the pipe and that's not safe for the occupants of the car. Don't experiment in this area. Get the exhaust pipe replaced before you wake up in a ditch, or connected to the back of an 18 wheeler going to California. Who knows, you may not wake up at all. Then we can all say, Do you remember when Rene .?

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