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2003 Ford Windstar Front Port Dead?

Hey,Ww have a DC to AC converter so we can use our laptop and charge our cells on the road. The casing fell off the converter, and my mom and sister told me that it was stuck in the front power port (or point as the manual calls it) of the van.One day I decided to go out with a pair of hemostats and try and remove the plug. Little did I know that power was still running to the power point inspite of the engine off. Once the hemostats were inserted, there was this huge ark (tons of sparks) so I made sure everything ran properly and said that I would get the part out at a later date.Today I looked and it turns out no part is stuck in that power port, but it is dead. The fuses for the front and back port are okay along with the cigar lighter.I thought I could go pick up a new port from the dealership, but my mom thinks the wiring is fried, but if the voltage got that high, wouldn't the 20 amp (max of 240V) be fried?Anyone know what could be wrong? Is it the wiring or port?Ty!


Im sure it would be the wiring or a fuse. I would check for a fuse under the dash and also there should be a main fusebox in the engine bay next to the battery. If it was the wiring then it would have shorted at the weakest place (or smallest gauge wire). When something like that happens you need to be carefull. There is no telling what kind of damage might have been done to other electrical components in the vehicle. Hopefully that was the only thing affected and you wont see any more problems come up later on. I would suggest having a diagnostic done on the electrical system just for good measure. good luck.

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