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Everytime I put my radio/reading lamp fuse, it blows instantly. any ideas?

I have a 99 mitsubishi eclipse, and recently the radio stoped working, along with the reading lamp that I have. I looked under the hood in the fuse box, and there was a fuse blown, but everytime I put a new one in, it would blow almost right away. What exactly is this caused from, and how can I get it fixed?


must be water interior the lens yet greater suitable than possibly you have a quick and there's a stripped or chaffed twine making touch with the physique or yet another twine. seem on the wiring harness going to each and each tail lamp as properly as each and each front turn sign. putting a paper clip interior the fuse field would reason a hearth, the fuse is there for a reason.
There's a fault with one of the components on the circuit or one of the power wires is grounding to earth (trapped wire/damaged sleeving etc). Identify exactly which items are covered by this fuse and switch all the items off. Change the fuse for a good one, and then switch each component on in turn to see which one causes the fuse to blow. A fairly common fault for aftermarket stereos is for a wire to get trapped between the mounting cage and the chassis of the stereo when it's being pushed into the dashboard, stripping the casing off the wire and causing it to ground to earth. Could also be listening to the stereo too loud (again aftermarket stereos are more likely to be affected) - the extra current to the stereo may cause it to pop the fuse.

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