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2004 dodge ram 1500 laramie power locks and mirrors not working?

ok so we just bought a 2004 dodge ram 1500 laramie addition truck. the power locks for the 2 back doors don't work. like if you hit the lock the 2 back doors don't open and it's kinda touchy with the front doors too but not too bad. now the power mirrors don't work either and we know it's not the motor with them. another thing is when you hit the lock button when the truck is on the back passenger's side speaker 'clicks' it's like.. you hear a beep and the speaker crackles twice. just wondering what this could be.. it doesn't matter what lock switch you use neither work on the back doors. and the speaker crackle worries me too but the dealership has said they'll cover labour we'll cover parts.. so i'm just wondering what it could be.


Wow..um I took the test today as well and nothing like that happened. My mother was a proctor and after the test the proctor is asked if any disturbance took place. She/He is required to put the fire alarm on the disturbance and if she/he does not then the scores could be invalidated. They will probably do a small investigation, but there should never be a serious problem resulting from such an occurrence. I do have to express my disapproval towards the school, because many schools decide when to do practice fire alarms and if they decided to do it today, shame on them. Good luck with your score!
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