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4l60e transmission slipping code ?

we recently rebuilt a 1996 4l60e transmission for a 1500 pick up and its setting a 1060 code transmission slipping what do we do ?


If the light was on before you rebuilt the transmission, then it could be stored. A code reader, or pulling the battery, will erase the code. If its new it could be a bad sensor, or something else wrong in the transmission. The 4L60E is a computer controlled transmission, so there could be any number of things wrong. The only way is to get inside and find out. A short term quick fix may be to add stop slip to the fluid and see if that has any effect.
I very own a 2000 4 cylinder S10 with the comparable transmission. that is a great transmission and that i latterly had the comparable problem. i could advise drain the fluid, get rid of the pan and examine to work out if the clear out has fallen. I had this problem those days as I genuinely have a changed deep properly pan and the clear out replaced into lacking a bracket to hold the clear out in place. additionally be certain that the seal for the clear out is correct put in.

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