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$5,900 a good price for installation of gas boiler?

A plumer license friend said that he'll do the entire complete installation , gas boiler machine included plus disposal of old oil machine and oil tank, all for $5,900 BUT without a permit from the cityIf I decide to install it with the gas company, the machine will only cost me $500 (for heating the apartment only), now im just waiting for them to come in a couple of weeks and tell me an estimate for installation and maybe a price for the permit. (although, I might not even need to get a permit because the house already has gas installed for the apartment of my tenants)I was told by this plumer friend that even though the machine will only cost me $500, at the end I'll end up paying more by doing this process with the gas company, possibly because the permit that I might have to get plus the price per hour I have to pay those plumers.I live in the Boston area and was wondering if anyone know if $5,900 its a reasonable price for a replacement from oil boiler into gas boiler installation.. Thank You !


Irrespective of what the utility will charge, and basic to your answer; yes, that's a fair price for the work being done. It's not a bargain but it's not gouging you either.
you need a permit form the city or township,also the disposal of the oil tank and boiler Replacement has to be documented.the environmental protection agency have very strict laws on the removal and disposal of oil tanks,for 500 dollars i would let the city do it.if the city does it they will charge you only for the boiler,remember they just want the business,they even run the gas line to your house for free,natural gas is the cheapest fuel for heating now.your friend is trying to make some bucks form you.you would need a separate gas meter,and depending on your gas pressure they might have to increase the size of pipe.you need a permit just to remove the oil tank.go with the city.

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