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83 camaro crane cam 305 v 8 4brrl edelbrock carb problem.?

i have a 83 camaro crane cam 305 v 8 4brrl edelbrock carb and i just changed the carb from a quadrajet to the edelbrock....but i cant seam to get it running right as long as im out on the highway it runs great but when i stop at a stop light i have to rev it up to keep it running..i changed the plugs plug wires and the distributor but i heard you have to have a different kind of distributor to change from the quareajet ( will all of the plug in and stuff to a regular edelbrock carb..is this true??


Is the edelbrock carb new or used? You may have a defective carb if used and needs to be rebuilt. If you reinstall the q-jet, does the problem go away?? good luck......
If you can get vacuum from the intake manifold to the distributor advance, there is no reason to change distributors. You may need to re-jet the idle. Also if the cam is too steep and/or the carburetor is too big, the engine will flood. Check with Crane on timing changes and idle settings. The idle may need to be set up a little.
Yes. You need a pre-computer distributor with a vacuum advance on it. The quadrajet had a TPS sensor on it. The Edelbrock doesn't. I would think it would idle though. Sounds like you have a vacuum leak or it's not adjusted right.
the first thing to do is eliminate a vacuum leak problem. get someone to keep the car running and then spray some carb cleaner around the base of the carb. if there is a leak it will be obvious. make sure all lines are plugged or not leaking even if you have to isolate the carb to be sure. if the carb was used it could also be a stopped up idle circuit. eliminate all the simple stuff before snatching out the distributor. that may well be the problem, but on older vehicles a idle stall is usually, but not always,' associated with a vacuum leak or bad carb.

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