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93' honda accord blower motor location?

where is the blower motor(ac/heater) located? how do i replace it?


Honda Accord Blower Motor
most are under dash inside or behind heat unit box first check your fuse or switches some not so hard to get to other than a lot of small screws you might be able to find by typing into search box how to replace blower or how to replace heater fan 1993 honda might find it by going to autozonewebsite and type in your car info and name of part they have many how to's as well... its about a 4.5 hour job to replace
The blower motor is behind the left side of the dash in the evaporator housing. You should disconnect the negative battery cable Pull back carpet and remove the kick panel Remove the Electronic Control Module connectors and mounting brackets. Remove the clamp and screws to remove 2 piece cover Remove the screws and mounting nuts from the blower Unplug wires from the blower Be careful of the tabs on the blower under covers so they don't get broken.
Try going to the library for repair manuals .
Behind and under the glove box.

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