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95 buick lesabre automatic locks problem?

hi in my 95 buick the front auto locks don't work they just stopped working awhile ago i'd idealy like to do a repair myself because i'm sick of leaning over to open the passenger door. i think i heard some1 say the cellanoid(spelling whatever too lazy to check) went on them if so is it an easy fix? how much would it cost?(for parts)


The rubber sheet analogy is widely used, but those dimples need a third dimension. And then you need some time to look at it. Mass tells space how to bend and space tells matter how to move, as someone once said.
Ok, I'll try to explain my theory as short as possible. I'm currently in the development phase of an artificial intelligence project, and I curiously found my self with a different concept of the universe and its dimensions. First, to make easier to understand, imagine the universe with no living beings, no humans, no animals, no bacteries, once you imagine this, think now how many dimensions does the universe have? It would certainly be a world with no perceptions. If we deep into our imagination we'll find that If there's no perception, there can't possible be neither messurement nor direction, this is because when we see a pen, what we're really looking at is a series of atoms and molecules emitting a radiation our brain can understand as photoenergy waves and serve it to us as colors,in a 3D dimension shape perception, but everything the pen, our bodies and brain are and have always been pure and well organized pieces, molecules or units of energy, understanding energy as that which has the capability to change something. Thought from this perspective we're not an biological system, or a set of cells, not even a set of well organized atoms because even atoms are composed of something else, we're made of energy units which can't be measured due to their nature, we're and everything is a well organized set of units of energy which thought well have no dimensions. Now the pen in our conscience has a height of 3 inches aprox. and a radius of 0.15 inches, but out of our conscience it's pure and well organized energy, just pure enery with no dimensions, so we could infer that in our conscience the universe has as many dimensions as our perception can measure but outside of it it has none. As conclusion my answer is: Number of dimensions in the universe 0 And as an additional comment, if someone wants to know where the universe begins and where it ends, then let him deep into himself. ________________ I'll be posting info on my AI research and results soon!
Space can have no dimension at all as it is not a thing to have any dimension. space is nothing . Nothing can have any dimension. to have any dimension , anything should NECESSARILY be a THING .Anything that is not a thig can have no dimension. spcace is noting , emptiness , void anc vacuum. It has no dimension and that is why it is boundless and shapeless .It is not afected by anything as it is nothing , It neither expands not shrinks , It is neither cut not divided ,But things stand divided in it and things have no existence without it , But it needs nothing to exist nothing for its existence.It is absolute and infinite. .Everything in this universe need that nothing for its existence .Thatis its uniqueness.When the coins aranged in the center of a carom board is struck by a striker , the coins disperse in all directions . the pieces that were together move away from one another . there is spce in begteen them . the spce does not expand because of the pieces moving away from one another . the spce in betwen them is constant and it is nothing ,the distance between them might increase and it cause no exopansion of anything and any stuff . the moving fo the pieces from one another and the increase in the distance between the coins , do not expnad the carrom board , - its floor . so to speak of the expansion of the space on account of the glactic matter moving away from one another is nothing but PURE AND IMMACULATE ABSURDITY AND NONSENSE EFEN IF GOD SAYS THAT THE MOVING OF THE GALACTIC MATTER EXPANDS THE SPACE .thre is no power in the universe to exopand the void , the emptiness , the NOTHING . Space being NOTHING' whee is the question of its expansion ? If it expands , the quality attributes a shape and boundary to it .By what scientific principle any scientist can prove tha void - emptiness - NOTHING can be expanded ? should anythng be a thng to be expanded ? Can any one even imagine of expanding NOTHING ?
Chances are you burned off a deposit of oil or the like, when the heater first turned on. If after a short time the fire alarm would reset, and the smell went away, everything should be OK.
Space is three dimensional. I can go forward, sideways and up/down. The rubber sheet explanation is the one you see in all the science channel show because it's easier to understand. And yes, mass distorts space and tme.

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