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A ghost is in my elevator in Sims 3?

Ok so I had a couple move into the mansion on sims 3, and some freak decided it would be a good idea to put a graveyard in their backyardSo basically, ghosts come out every night and hang out in my houseI don't mind it, I let my sims talk to them and stuff, but I installed elevators in their house, and for some reason the sims refuse to use itNeither of them are in it, but the girl is on the top floor and the boy is on the bottom floorThe boy needs to sleep and pee and bathe upstairs and the girl is STARVING and needs to get to the kitchen downstairsSo I tried deleting the elevator so I could just replace it with stairs, and it says quot;Object in use by Victor Goth.quot; Victor Goth is one of the ghostsand he has been in the elevator for about two days, and I tried making more stairs somewhere else, and they refuse to use them, they just keep going back to the elevator and staring at itHow do I get this guy out of the friggin' elevator???


hahahahaha .sry but hahahaha thats funny try adding a kitchen and bathroom to both floors so that they have what they need.

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