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A need e dream interpretation please.?

.I saw my bf and me.and we had a house.but after that the house was burned.I saw only the house that was all black from the fire.and didn't see the fire.After that I was on elevator and from up .I was going to the very first floor.and there I was invited in a radio show.P.S I'm having troubles with my bf.is this dream a bad sign.serious answers please.thank you in advance.


The house that your bf and you created together was burned, which mean the trust in your relationship was brokenYour bf cause the fire without you knowing itWhen you realized what happened, it was already been doneThat's why you didn't see the fireAn invitation from the radio and you going up in the elevator simply mean that you've given up (or about to) on the relationship and thinking of moving onThere are reasons to believe that the relationship is holding you back from excelerating in lifeInstead of stairs you dream of elevator that mean it will be a smooth transition to your next relationshipIf he's not worth your while, then move on.

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