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a neutral pallet, any suggestions?

i'm not a professional, just looking for something that will help me get started on finding my 'look'. i've never really done makeup for myself that well, and learned what i DO know from michelle phan or other youtube gurus. i'd like something neutral that suites my cool skin tone but brings out my blue/green/hazel eyes.i'm also shopping for christmas gift ideas for myself and maybe even get my hubby to buy for me *S* i'd like some help, advice and reviews or comments.budget is a bit of an issue.. although i'd love nothing more than to own Mac products, i'm kinda on a walmart budget. i'd thought about coastal scents or bhcosmetics, but i hear it's hit and miss. i'm thinking urban decay naked pallet, but not 100% sure. never bought anything high end before and not sure it's worth throwing money at.


24 in a swing door configuration.
12 straight-lined and heavy. 24 if they are lighter and double-wide.
25 total
What are you hauling and how much does it weigh. Yea it is 24 if you are just setting them on the floor. If you are hauling cement or shingels or something very that number is 12 or 13 depending on weight.
22 , If you mean standard 40 by 48 inch pallets

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