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aluminium foil versus baking paper for making chicken?

today i want to roast some chicken and veg in the ovenwhen making this is it better to roast on aluminium foil or to use baking paper on top of the foil and put the chicken on the baking paper ??


You really need to give more informationAs a chef, I never want to put foil directly on meatBy sealing the meat/vegetable package, you will actually be steaming the mealAs this is the desired method for low, slow cooking, it also has to be removable to brown the chicken before serving or you will be serving a white birdSince you want to roast your chicken I would recommend the low and slow method of cooking chicken with baking paper and foil over the chicken and vegetables with your seasoningtop with baking paper and seal with foilDo not add waterBy adding water, your meat will become stringywhen the meat and vegetables are ready for the oven, place in a 300 degree oven until everything is cooked throughIt should take about 2 or 3 hours depending on the size of your chickenWhen it is cooked, remove the foil and paper, scoop out the vegetables to a plate and keep warm, drain pan drippings into a pot to make gravyIncrease the oven temperature to 400 degreesReturn the chicken to the oven, breast side up, to brown, while you thicken the pan drippings to make the gravyAdjust the seasonings as needed with salt and pepper, but nothing else should be needed Hope your dinner is amazing!

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