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aluminum windows are getting hard to open and close

We have aluminum windows and have had them for about ten yearsAll of a sudden they have started squeaking and getting a bit harder to open and close.Any suggestions would be appreciated.


AVOID graphiteIt ends up getting all over everything and never comes outHow about a small bit of WD-40 onto a paper towel, run it up and down the channels?
Sep 17, 2018
There are more exotic combinations than Al2O3, like the neutral molecule AlO2, and the anion AlO2^-, which is sometimes called aluminate and has a -1 chargeThe AlO3^3- anion is also called aluminateThere is no giving of electronsThe bonds in AlO2 or AlO2^- are covalentIn the AlO2^- anion there is an extra electron giving it the -1 chargeAluminum is the central atomThere is a double bond to one oxygen and a single bond to the other oxygen[O-AlO]^-
Sep 17, 2018

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