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Anti-lock Brakes problem!?

I drive a 1997 Chevrolet Suburban. The Anti-Lock Brake system in this thing is so screwed up. If I'm going a good speed such as 55 or something like that, everything is fine and the brakes work the way they should. But if I'm going through a town at like 25 or slower, the damn system kicks in and stops the suburban SUDDENLY, nearly putting my face into the steering wheel (for some reason the seat belt won't catch me most of the time.) The brakes squeak very loudly also. Basically.. what should I do? Have the brakes replaced? Can I turn the Anti-Lock Brakes off? If so, how can I? Or can the whole system be replaced along with the brakes? How much would that generally cost? OR is this normal? (I sure hope not.) So many questions, I'm just so lost about this whole thing. Thanks to any help you car smart people can give me!


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