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im looking into getting a 88 pallet from them however, i dont know if i should get the shimmer or the regular matt one. if you have one or both can you please tell me why you chose that formula over the other ( thematt over the shimmer or the shimmer over teh matt) or if you have both which one you like betterthanks =)


Well if you have a lot of eyeshadow I'd say the blush :) coastal scents is great quality though.
You basically answered your own question there! I don't have any blush and have a lot of eyeshadow. If you feel like blusher is cakey then go for the blush, or if you want to broaden your collection go for the palette! But I would say go for the palette as you can do so much more with it, it's a lot more versatile and can not only be for neutrals but also for other events. God bless! ?
Coastal Scents 28 Color Eyeshadow Palette, Neutral is a great neural palette. It's one of the older offerings by coastal scents but is actually my favorite of all of their palettes that I own. The formula for these are is different from the different 88 color ones that are available. These are a little creamier and blend better. Also there are fewer colors but the pot sizes are comparable to MAC. There are even some colors in this palette that are close if not identical to some M.A.C. eye shadows. The difference is that one M.A.C. shadow costs you fourteen bucks and you can get 28 of these for nineteen! This palette is great for bridal parties. I recommend this palette highly. Especially for the price.
coastal scents pallet is better. g
mac gingerly is really pretty its like a natural tone blush with a tiny pinch of peach in it its good for light medium to dark skin tones.

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