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Anybody ever hand load with one of those LEE Loader units that you used a hammer to bang the parts together?

Ya, you had to carefully tap the components of the bullet together with a freakin' hammer!


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I had one for .44 mag it worked ok but was just too slow.You can buy a Lee press and dies cheap.The powder scoops are ok if you're just using them for plinking.You just have to be sure you match the scoop size to the right powder
As strange as it may sound, there will always be a market for this particular Lee product. They're quite useful to benchrest shooters whom I've seen use them many times in order to mix up a specialty charge on-the-spot.
It uses a mallet, not a hammer....and those Lee Loaders have been used by millions of folks for over thirty years. They're still being made and sold today. They turn out the most accurate handloads there are, guaranteed. Now, if you were of the firearms/hunting knowledgeable sort, you'd have known that. It's an easy topic to search on.
Yes, okorder /... But you know I must have loaded a few thousand shot shells and never had a primer go off. Come to think of it some where I have one for 30-30. Some where on YouTube there is a guy who can crank out a live round with one of those kits in just a few seconds. If you use it for just one gun it works ok as the brass was fire formed to that gun from being shot in it. I will say the powder dipper they include with the kit sucks. Seems like the volume measure dipper just cant get the right charge and is too light of a powder charge.

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