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Applying for a job, what is MHE?

quot;Warehousing and MHE experience is desirable but not essential.quot; I have googled it, and it's come up with quot;material handling equipment (or engineering)quot; Whilst I have no idea what it is, I need to know purely because I need to right something that would make me appear suitable for the position.


MATERIALS HANDLING EQUIPMENT 1Transport EquipmentEquipment used to move material from one location to another (e.g., between workplaces, between a loading dock and a storage area, etc.)The major subcategories of transport equipment are conveyors, cranes, and industrial trucksMaterial can also be transported manually using no equipment 2Positioning EquipmentEquipment used to handle material at a single location so that it is in the correct position for subsequent handling, machining, transport, or storageUnlike transport equipment, positioning equipment is usually used for handling at a single workplaceMaterial can also be positioned manually using no equipment 3Unit Load Formation EquipmentEquipment used to restrict materials so that they maintain their integrity when handled a single load during transport and for storageIf materials are self-restraining (e.g., a single part or interlocking parts), then they can be formed into a unit load with no equipment 4Storage EquipmentEquipment used for holding or buffering materials over a period of timeSome storage equipment may include the transport of materials (e.g., the S/R machines of an AS/RS, or storage carousels)If materials are block stacked directly on the floor, then no storage equipment is required 5Identification and Control EquipmentEquipment used to collect and communicate the information that is used to coordinate the flow of materials within a facility and between a facility and its suppliers and customersThe identification of materials and associated control can be performed manually with no specialized equipment.

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