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Are engineering programs difficult?

I heard that the engineering program at my school (Cal State Northridge) is very goodDoes anyone know if that is a true statement or not? Also, I am currently a business major in my second yearHow difficult would it be to switch to an engineering major? Also, is engineering a good way to go? Is it difficult? What could I do with this major?


Engineering is a respected and potentially lucrative professionYou can do a multitude of things, depending on what type of engineering you chooseEngineers design and build things: machines, bridges, computers, etcFrom what I hear, engineers have an easier time getting good-paying jobs than businesspeople, in generalLike any field, it's good if you like it and are willing to invest the time and energy to achieve the degreeEngineers take lots of math and science courses, so if you enjoy or excel at those, it should not be as difficultAccording to Wikipedia: 2005 America's Best Colleges list ranked CSUN's College of Engineering and Computer Science among the nation's best engineering programs (where a Master's is the highest degree offered) at 39th, tied with seven out-of-state institutionsThis was an improvement as the same list ranked the college in 40th place the previous yearIn 2008, CSUN's engineering program received its highest ever ranking at 38 tied with Cal State Long Beach also part of the CSU system.[10] Northridge is one of only six CSU programs in the top ranked tier of engineering programs accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology.[11] So, yes, among CSUs, Northridge has an excellent engineering programAs far as switching majors is concerned, you should speak to a counselor or adviser to determine how much coursework is transferable and whether it would be worthwhile to pursue that degree instead of the one you're currently pursuingMay the Lord Jesus Christ bless you.

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