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Are there any jobs that don't involve working with the public?

I could work for 12 hours a day if it meant that I wouldn't have to interact with the publicI'd even work gulp Justin Beiber if it meant that I stayed behind the scenes.


Morgue attendant, cleaning crews, warehouses, truck drivers, crane operating, many of the trades , security guard
I agree many home less people here where i live walk around with bags or shopping carts and collect cans daily hey to them $40 is a lot of meals .me just about enough gas to get through a week or two days worth of food for familyBUT like i said even tho i could go to local ball field for base ball and football games it takes me 5 hours to get 100 lbs for $40 i can do faster on streets picking up all scrap in two - 3 hours .but now i dont even do that any more I have electrical contractor who agreed to let me buy his scarp insultaed wire from him for .10 cents more per lb than what local yards pay himhuge company gets many wiring jobs offices and homes SO i'm getting 100 - 200 lbs per week from him all top copper known as bare bright the solid core some stranded wires also which is only .07 cents less per lb than solid type That plus online money and my SSI i'm happy with $4000 a month.
scrapping aluminum cans worth
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You need a real jobYou are an adult.

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