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Are There Any Substitutes For Hookers?

You know those hookers for yarn and weaving and things? Well, can you substitute it with something else?


1800 pounds/hour is the same as saying 0.9 tons/hour(1800/2000) Divide 13 tons by that and you get 14.4444hoursThe answer is C.
1800/2000 to find how many tons it can make in one hour then 13/answerthe answer you get for that will be your final answerIf you do that then you will find your answer on your own and you now know how to do it next time.
I think that you want a crochet hookAnother hook like needle is a sail needleIt is a thick metal needle with a hole for the threadI comes in only a couple of sizesThe crochet hook comes in a very wide range of sizesYou choose the size hook based on the size yarn and the tension that you need to produce a fabric of the size that you want.

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