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Are you a truck driver?

Hello, my name is nick and I'm 21yrs oldI will be going to a nearby truck driving school to get my cdl A.My question is: I want to get a local route or quot;Michigan only routequot; What are some local companies in Michigan you would consider me applying for? Also, I would like to be back home with my family every nightI understand if I go otr I would most likely make a lot more $$$ and it would be a easier job to getThanks for the helpGod BlessNick, 21,MICHIGAN


I was in this dilema, in another state, and heres the long hard answerI have a Class a with ALL endorsments, and Hazmat getting a local job in an 18 wheel truck is tough fresh out of school, most want 1 - 2 years out, however try the lumberyards, and local distributors, many ove them are home nightly, think of places that serve an area, also consider 10 wheelers, these can be more specialized, think mini tankers big flatbeds, etc, yes you can make alot of money hauling liquid oxygen (oh airgass has 10 wheelers too and cranes pay well) and other hazmat loadsYou can make money hauling oversize loads too at the end of the day, your trucker buddies you go to school with may not see ten wheelers as glamourus, and yes many jobs dont pay much more than the dump truck jobs, but you can make nearly as much as most rookie OTR drivers, and somtimes more if you look around, also many local drivers get a salary + Drops or miles ( no chasing niles or wasting hours) have more down time (Paid) a safer way to get your feet wet if you dont already have a driving background then after you have some experiance, and know that area (Very) well you can take that to a larger truck, and get a larger check otherwise, you may have to spend years over the road before they give you a local roadalso if you do plan on driving local, pay EXTRA attention, to shifting, braking, and turning, hell all of itno joke here, local driving IS work, not running down a highway, lots of traffic, tight spots and backing, and climbing up and downand most 10 wheelers do not have all the creature comforts of the larger cabsbut with the right co, you can be more than another driver hope this offers some insight oh yea, places in michigan, call places you can drive to in the morning, x radius that have word, distributor in name, or supplyetc, think where contractors of various trades or builders buy fromand equip rental co's manufacturers, ohh and flatbed tow trucks can make dam good money Good luck

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