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Area rug on carpet. Yes or no?

^tacky? I kinda think so, but I dislike our brown carpet with a passion. Can't rip it out and burn it either so what's a girl to do? Area rug. What color would be good? My drapery is sheer green. Let the creativity flow.Gracias.


Area rug over carpet..YES! I've done it for years, in fact, I have 2 in my home right now. Both rugs have patterns of red on beige carpets. One room is a barn red, the other room has light green walls. Both rugs add character to each room I receive many compliments on them. One hint, remember to use a rug that is comparable in size to the room. If you shop around, you can often find good deals on area rugs. Have fun!
Aug 23, 2017
Hi, Bro your rug out on a clean concrete surface if possible.Wet your rug and apply soap with a soft brush, rinsing and repeating until clean. Ensure the rug is rinsed well leaving no soap residue. Then squeegee out excess water and leave rug flat to dry. When pile feels dry turn over then dry back but do not leave exposed to the sun for more than 2 days as it can fade your carpet. Hope this helps.
Aug 23, 2017
I think that an area rug on top of carpet looks nice. In my living room, I have an area rug on top of my carpet and it looks good. If you have sheer green drapes, I think you should get a muted brown rug.
Aug 23, 2017
No it would look tacky and cheap!
Aug 23, 2017

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