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area rugs? not sure what size i need!?

I just moved into this house and im so paranoid about keeping the floor in good shape, i have a 1 year old and a puppy who are making it kinda hard. So, I need a rug, my living room isnt very big at all, and in fact the living room is kinda long, but not 'big'. I want a red rug, dont know where to search though, and it would be great if i got it at a low price too, what size is a 2x3 by the way? I found one for 20 bucks, but not sure if thats like the size of a rug you put at the entrance of your doorway? help please.


A 2X3 rug is only 24 X 36... too small for a living room. Your living room would probably be better suited to a 5X8 (60 X 96) or similar. When choosing a rug, ask the salesperson about wash-ability as some fibres are more prone to staining even when spills are promptly cleaned with rug cleaner. Solid colours also tend to show dirt quicker, so look for a rug with flecks of red in two slightly different shades or even a bit of a texture so that certain unavoidable dirt (lint, pet hair, etc) might be concealed a bit. Good luck and enjoy your new home!
Aug 23, 2017
A 2-foot by 3-foot rug would be fine at your doorway, but it won't give the rest of the room any protection, just a place to wipe your feet when you enter the house. Your room-area rug can be as big as the room will accomodate...but the bigger the rug, of course, the more $$$ you'll have to invest. You could start with a 6-foot by 9-foot in front of your sofa, which you could probably get at Walmart/Target/K-Mart for around $125. It will be nylon, and it won't last an eternity, but it should do until your puppy matures! Then you could look at investing in a nicer rug that won't get chewed on...or you-know-whatted on.....Good luck!
Aug 23, 2017

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