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baby's room decoration, what kind of rug is ok?

my baby girl is 16 months old . she makes mess in her room. i have hardfloor, was wondering what kind of rug would be ok as she makes a mess. and can u plz suggest me other things to buy for her room to make it beautiful and nice at reasonable price thanx


They have those thin, bamboo mats that are beautiful and don't collect dust that bad, therefore better for her to breathe. I've always thought they were pretty. Maybe you could do her room like in a cute little jungle or tropical theme.God Bless.
You can go to Home Depot and ask for there pieces that they had left over from big orders. Way cheaper than getting it cut. I got a real big piece for $15.00. I'm sure she is walking and sitting up by now so I would get her carpet like anyone else. They do have real short looped carpet that sweeps and vacuums easy. If you don't care about looks and she's that messy they have indoor/outdoor carpet that looks real close to reg. carpet.
You can go to Sears or the like and get a large rubber back bath rug. They are washable, come in a ton of colors and don't skid. No accidents in baby's room!
you might want to avoid the rug as 1) it will collect dust mites more and if your baby has allergies, this will affect breathing 2) if there are spills (as babies are wont to do) they are harder to clean up and might stain your rug. if you really want a rug for the room, maybe a commercial rug. it is not too plush and comfy, but because of this, maintenence might be a lil easier and it shouldn't collect AS MUCH dust as other, more plush rugs would. Maybe also you might want to see about an area rug for the babies play area. these can be easily taken outside and dusted out, washed and what have you.

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