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back brake on my motorcycle stopped functioning?

i am pushing dead air - it goes down to where it touches the muffler and has no holding power. i bought the motorcycle used a couple of weeks ago, it had just passed inspection. i drove it maybe 10 hours. i realized i was using the back brake too much to slow down - sometimes stopping without the front brake at all. do you think i screwed it up? i remembered briefly my teacher saying u have to use both brakes, or you‘ll either lock the front brake or destroy your back brake. of course, forgot all about this until i did it!! do u think that is what happened? will i need a new brake pad? can i make some adjustments to make it brake harder?


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If you had bad brake pads on the back it would scrub and you would feel it, so if your not feeling that then check your brake fluid for the back usally you have two resivors one on the handle bars for front and one on the back for the back check it if its full press the brake lever all the way down three times and on the third hold it open release valve on the caliper to bleed the brake then close repeat three times then you should have great breaks
verify the glaring first. alter brake IAW vendors handbook in case you do not have a provider handbook. Then verify mechanical linkage from foot pedal to the rear tire. verify springs, brake rods.If this inspect, the rear stay for the brake assembly could be checked to ensure the nut that secures it has no longer fell off. They regularly have a cotter pin that forestalls the nut from falling off. If none of this remedies the worry, you will could eliminate the rear tire and look on the hub and is derived and brake shoes. At this element you have a pair of judgements. purchase a provider handbook to your motorcycle (suzuki manuals are, in my opinion, the excellent) or take it to a Suzuki broker. in case you have wrenched on motorcycles, once you restore the brakes on your gadget, the money you saved in basic terms paid for the fee of the provider handbook. Take some time, pass step with the aid of step, sparkling as you pass, provider your very final stress(alter the chain) and torque the axle nut and nut that secures the brake stay. constantly use new cotter pins once you positioned it back mutually. in case you do no longer prefer to place out money for procedures or manuals or don't have the persistence, you're superb off taking your motorcycle to the broker. Your protection is the main severe element and how your brakes function could avert you from stepping into an accident!
First, I would check the brake pads to see how worn they are. Second, I would bleed the brakes to ensure there is no air in the lines. Third, if it still doesn't work I would check the master cylinder. It may need replacing if it is an older bike. My '99 Buell had similar problems and it wound up being the master cyclinder. Most bikes have simple rebuild kits to replace the seals and master cylinder as this can be a common problem.
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