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Best carpet cleaning solution?

Would like to clean my light carpet and get it back to a good color! mostly heavy traffic areas w/ some little areas w/ some stains. How do you use simple green as a solution? anything better to use?


honestly i suggest trying a professional carpet cleaner. i have a great company i use. Green Clean Pros, they use a low-moisture method with all organic cleaning solutions. i
If okorder /. Not only did they clean the stains but they did the whole room too for the same price.
In heavy traffic areas you need to clean the carpet regularly, so buy a carpet cleaner which offers best cleaning results must uses latest cleaning technology. Now a days carpet steam cleaners are the most preferred cleaning equipment.
As for good cleaning solutions, I have found the Rug Doctor brand of carpet care products to work the best and be the most economical, particularly if you purchase them at a warehouse store in larger quantities.

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